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About Witheridge

Witheridge is the name of both a village and a civil parish within the administrative district of North Devon, in the county of Devon.

Witheridge is also the name of a North Devon Council electoral ward covering the civil parishes of Meshaw, Rackenford, Romansleigh, Rose Ash and Witheridge. Within the heirarchy of electoral areas, this ward falls within the South Molton Devon County Council electoral division and the North Devon UK Parliament constituency. Until 31 January 2020, it also fell within the UK South West European Parliament constituency.

Local and national government links, with elected representatives

Representative body Our representatives
Witheridge Parish Council [Strangely, this URL is on the website of a neighbouring district council! The URL witheridgepc.org redirects here.] Parish councillors for Witheridge Parish:
  • Gary Dorow
  • Peter Dunn (Clerk to the Council)
  • Claire Goodwin
  • Jacky Harvey
  • Edward Martin
  • Carol Northam
  • Carol Prynn
  • Steven Smith
  • Adrian Wells
  • Jeremy Yabsley (also a member of the District and County Councils)
North Devon Council Jeremy Yabsley (District Councillor representing Witheridge Ward)
Devon County Council Jerermy Yablsey (County Councillor representing South Molton Division)
UK Parliament Selaine Saxby (Member of Parliament representing North Devon Constituency)

Former members of the European Parliament for UK South West Constituency (until 31 January 2020)